The Cotton On Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Cotton On Group. It is a central part of who and what we are and was officially established in 2007. 

After a $10,000 donation to complete a renovation in the Mannya Health Centre back in 2007, two Cotton On Group representatives visited the village of Mannya to see the difference the donation had made. Only days later, they walked away with the need to do more to improve the lives of those who needed it most. This was just the beginning. The Cotton On Foundation was born and it is a central part of who and what we are.

We share a belief in helping others and contributing to our community. As we continue to expand our retail presence, we have become a global citizen; a part of communities all over the world. We roll our sleeves up and set our sights on creating a positive and measurable change in the lives of young people in need. We’re empowering youth to learn more, participate more and understand more. 


- Tim Diamond, Foundation General Manager

How are we different?

The Cotton On Foundation raises funds for projects in partnership with our customers. Our customers, employees and other supporters ARE the Foundation. Our aim is for our customers to be able to ‘follow their dollar’ by visiting the Cotton On Foundation website to see the projects they have helped fund and receive regular updates about their progress.

Our stores sell a variety of items including bags, accessories, bottled water, through to limited edition items to support our projects. 100% of the proceeds from every Cotton On Foundation product directly fund our projects.
We don’t just write a cheque; we action, inspire and manage each project from end to end, so that we know every dollar is being spent in the best possible way.

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What started as a simple donation to complete a healthcare centre in a small African village was to be a life-changing partnership, not only for the people of Southern Uganda but for the Cotton On Group.

Fast-forward to today, and we are working with communities throughout Southern Uganda including Mannya, Busibo, Nsesse and a host of others, to help build a healthy sustainable future for children and their families.

The Cotton On Foundation's Run Australia events started in Geelong in 2008 and attracts over 15,000 participants.  With 100% of the entry fee going directly to the specific cause in that region, Cotton On Foundation Run Australia is providing the best possible healthcare for young Aussies in regional Australia.  

Fifth Army:  In 2013, we tackled youth mental health in partnership with headspace, and so began The Fifth Army - a campaign designed to raise awareness about this. We focused on bringing to light three big issues affecting young people today: depression, homophobia and bullying.

KIDS Foundation:  A Ballarat-based charity, the KIDS Foundation focuses on Injury Prevention and Recovery and incorporates the Burns Survivors Network.  The Cotton On Foundation provides support for the KIDS Foundation by sponsoring burns survivors to attend the several camps that the KIDS Foundation run every year for members of the Burns Survivors Network.

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